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Registration at www.amazon.com/mytv will enable you to watch music, the latest movies and videos online. It not only provides you limited movies and videos. Rather its list of movies and videos is unlimited. Amazon Prime Video does not offer you limited movies, its list also includes movie series like Prisoner of Ajacaban, Harry Potter, Poldark, The Expanse and Eureka.

The best part of Prime Video is that the latest movies and videos are available on Prime Video before it hits on other movie streaming sites. On Prime Video you can enjoy the latest movies and videos first. Amazon Prime is a way that keeps you one step ahead of everyone else.

Amazon Prime App This app is for Smart TV. It helps you to access a wide collection of movies and TV shows offered through the e-commerce website. You can easily use Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV of Samsung, LG or any other brand.

Even when you do not have a smart TV, you can also get the facility of Amazon Prime Video app on your TV by connecting media streaming devices like Google Chromecast or Roku to your TV. These devices are wireless which helps in streaming. And these devices have no limitations. It helps you to access prime movies and videos.

If we talk about using Amazon Prime Video app on the TV, then first thing is to know how to insert code for Amazon Prime on TV, so that your entertainment level can increase further. So let’s go to www.primevideo.com/mytv to know how to enter the code for Amazon Prime on TV. And how to get set up to watch your favorite dramas and movies.

How to register Amazon Prime Video on your smart TV via www.amazon.com/mytv

If you want to register your Smart TV on Amazon Prime, www.amazon.com/mytv will help you register your TV in Amazon Prime Video service in very easy steps.


There are many devices that support Amazon Prime Video. Like “Smart TV”, over the years, televisions have been designed that support online movie and video streaming. Smart TVs from different brands also support Amazon Prime. Samsung’s 55 UHD 4K Curved Smart TV is NU7300 which fully supports Amazon Prime.

Even more smart TVs than Samsung offer Sony and LG brands. And Amazon Prime Video app is already installed with some devices. To access a wide collection of movies and TV shows you sign up using Amazon and enjoy Prime Video.

When you settle the Prime Video app on any smart TV, then you get very good quality videos and pictures, then for this you have to take special care of which smart TV you choose. They are full HD tv. Because if there is no full HD, then HD videos offered on Amazon Prime may not satisfy you. So take care that your smart TV is fully HD so that you can effectively play HD videos of Amazon Prime.

Set up internet connection:

To register at www.primevideo.com/mytv, first of all an internet connection needs to be set. You must be connected to the internet for registration. After that you go to the web browser from your smartphone, computer or other capable devices.

  • Connection setup
  •  Using the remote to register, they will select the home button.
  •  and then select the icon of the Amazon video below.
    Note The third stage is for Sony Smart TV. This stage depends on the brand of your smart TV.

How to get prime video on Samsung Smart TV

  •  To get Amazon Prime Video on Samsung Smart TV, first select the Smart Hub button you use the remote.
  •  Click Samsung Apps.
  •  Select the option of Prime Video.

If you are using Sony Smart TV, then follow these steps:

  •  Select the Home button from remote.
  •  Then click on apps.
  •  And select Prime Video.

If you are using LG Smart TV, then follow the steps given below:

  •  Select the My Application using the remote.
  •  On selecting My Application, there will be App Launcher.
  •  Then on the App Launcher, select Prime Video.

You can choose any method according to your smart TV brand. Follow these steps after choosing the method

  1.  Right-click on the register from your video app.
  2.  You will receive a code in the form of a message on your phone or TV screen.
  3.  And then you access www.amazon.com/mytv from your computer
  4.  After that create an account using a password and email.
  5. You will need a code to connect your device to an Amazon account. Which is mentioned in the second step Use that code to connect your device to an Amazon account.
  6.  Click Continue.
  7.  You will receive a confirmation message as soon as registration is completed.
  8.  After that click on the Continue option of your TV in Amazon Video App and enjoy the Prime Video.